Guarantee and Disclaimer

Rehab Trainer has the only Fitness Australia Accredited courses to give you a money-back guarantee: If you do not experience a significant boost in confidence dealing with injured clients, we will refund your investment.

Our Money Back Guarantee!

If within 14 days of completing Rehab Trainer courses (provided you apply the knowledge that you learn) you don't find improvement in the way that you deal with injured clients, or if you do not achieve results in the clients with whom you work, we will give you your money back. That's how confident we are in this course!


Applicants for the money-back guarantee:

  • Must inform their Course Educator in writing within seven days of completing the course that they are not experiencing expected results with their clients and state that they are actively willing to work to resolve concerns
  • Must have completed the course in one sitting, and have a 100% attendance record
  • Must be applying the knowledge they acquired to the best of their ability
  • Must have passed the exam, if applicable
  • Must be following the R+E+H+A+B protocol exactly
  • After working with the Course Educator, must explain in writing why their confidence has still not improved and why any efforts by the Educator has not resolved their issues. This letter must be received within 14 days of the completion of the course.
  • This final missal will be reviewed by the Directors of Rehab Trainer, and a decision made regarding the claim. All decisions made will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  • Any correspondence received outside the timeframes hereby outlined will not be accepted under the terms of the Guarantee.


Rehab Trainer is leading a fresh stream of education for the fitness industry: to create a new breed of Fitness Professional who is able to more effectively assess, rehabilitate and prevent low risk injuries from developing during their training of clients.

After completing Rehab Trainer courses, Fitness Professionals will function according to the five-part “R+E+H+A+B” model as a safe and effective method to achieve that goal. This model is quite distinct from the Physiotherapy model, therefore preventing the concern that professional boundaries are being crossed. Rather participants in Rehab Trainer courses are encouraged to strengthen old boundaries: specifically, that Fitness Professionals should never diagnose injuries, should refer injuries that are high risk immediately to an allied health professional, and should not engage in certain types of isolation exercises that are most effectively carried out by a physiotherapist. Therefore be assured – and never forget - you are not attempting to become a Physiotherapist. You are becoming a more highly skilled Fitness Professional who has a new tool-box of skills with which to deal with the litany of small niggling injuries that plagues the fitness industry. Trainers who complete Rehab Trainer courses are encouraged to consider themselves a part of the “Rehab Team” for a particular client who has a low risk injury, in the same way that a massage therapist or physiotherapist might.

This is a point that bears repeating here: while Rehab Trainer Courses aim to equip Fitness Professionals with the skills they need to be involved with the rehabilitation of low-risk injuries, at no time can they be involved with diagnosing an injury, or be seen to take the place of an allied health professional or medical practitioner.

Every skill taught on the courses is intended to enhance the safety of training of injured clients. However, Rehab Trainer can take no responsibility for the actions of Fitness Professionals engaging in the training of injured clients.