Powerful Rehab Skills for Injury Specialists

3-day Intensive course for Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists / Physical Therapists,Osteopaths and Chiropractors, offering hands-on assessment and treatment techniques of elite Sports Physios who specialise in Muscle Imbalance Correction and Functional Movement Training.

What you will get
  • 3 days face-to-face intensely practical workshops
  • Specifically designed for injury specialists of all backgrounds
  • Receive Posture Pro, theratube, Pocket Physio, Rehab Wand plus also a Seatbelt!
  • Get the in-depth, hands-on assessment and treatment techniques of elite Sports Physios who specialize in Muscle Imbalance Correction and Functional Movement Training!

The team of Australian Sports Physiotherapists that designed and made famous the Rehab Trainer and Functional Trainer courses, has put their brains and practical gym rehab experience to creating "REHAB Practitioner"

A 3-day Intensive course for Physiotherapists / Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors, it offers a powerful and real learning experience guaranteed to transform your effectiveness with injured patients! Travel deeply through one body region on each intensive day, and collect a myriad of helpful and effective bits of knowledge and cutting-edge techniques for the clinic and the gym.  

True to the pattern of education of Rehab Trainer Group, this course for Rehab Practitioners is:

  • highly prac-based rather than academic in nature,
  • more concerned with dysfunctional movements and muscle imbalances than pathologies, 
  • big on how to fix and find solutions via the dual approach of effective loosening techniques and powerful activation / movement retraining drills (see more under "R.E.H.A.B. for Practitioners" below). 
  • techniques learnt will apply to the clinic bed, as well as to the gym and the yoga mat 
  • can easily applied to the elderly with osteoarthritis, 
  • through to the athlete with niggling problems hampering their performance,
  • and certainly to the active mother or father struggling with aches and pains as they manage work and raise a family.

**You will wonder how you ever did without this material!**

Ok so tell me about the R.E.H.A.B. framework for Practitioners?

Let's call them guiding principles, that you apply to a greater or lesser degree with all clients. They work at the simple level with Rehab Essentials for Exercise Professionals, and we have now drilled into more technical territory to make them powerful for full-time Rehab Practitioners too. 

What are these guiding principles? 

R. Risk Assessment: you will discover the Red Flag Questions and Tests that need to be used during your clinical examinations to avoid missing high-risk factors that may be initially hidden from view: hidden physical, psycho-social and medical elements that lower the odds of easy recovery. The more high-risk positives you discover the greater the likelihood you will need to refer or seek help from higher medical professionals.

E. Evaluation of Patho-mechanics: our foundational skill taught here is the visual observation of poor movement patterns as they relate to all the main body areas, revealing underlying muscle imbalances and joint restrictions. Learn how slow-motion video can be used for teaching a client their individual pathomechanics, especially for runners and other athletes. Joint Barrier Assessment specific tests are included for each area, however not for the purpose of pathology diagnosis but rather to confirm your suspicions that a particular injury is related to the underlying patho-mechanics and muscle imbalances you have observed. You receive new 'eyes' to see poor movement quality and how it drives injury!

H.Hands-on Loosening Techniques: A selection of our favourite and most effective passive stretching, trigger point, and myo-fascial ("Pulse") techniques are taught both on clinic beds and in floor positions. Receive tools (see below "What do you Receive..") as part of your course fee, that enable highly effective myo-fascial release and joint mobilization to take place. Unique to Rehab Practitioner is HUGE range of innovative and powerful Seatbelt techniques for extra effectiveness. 

A. Activation Drills: From "isolation techniques", through to "iso-integration drills", and further on towards "integration exercises", inhibited stability musculature is given the best chance of restored function within the recovering movement pattern that was dysfunctional. Find the lacking movement, repeatedly rehearse and challenge it, then incorporate it into the bigger picture of movement. This is the key that will unlock full long-term resolution of many chronic injuries. The use of simple rubber tubing such as Theraband is favoured here for it's versatility.

B. Blend into Functionality: you will be exposed to the world of "Functional Movement" - healthy movement patterns as they relate specifically to your individual client and their needs, but also broadly speaking to the Strength and Conditioning phase so critical in late-stage rehabilitation. An introduction to the Functional Training Movements will open your mind to a very cutting-edge aspect of modern day injury management.

OK, so what do I receive as part of the 3-day course?

  • Extensive pre-reading before the course ("Prehab") if you are keen on 'warming-up' your brain beforehand! Receive a 40 page eBook entitiled "Common Biomechanical Abnormalities of the Human System with Accompanying Muscle Imbalances"
  • A massive and thorough manual detailing all techniques and with sections for reading.
  • 24 hours solid Face to Face teaching - One-day given to each of the 3 areas: Upper Limb, Lower Limb and Spine
  • "Risk Assessment for Rehab Practitioners" laminated cards
  • Equipment: 1x Posture Pro, 1x Pocket Physio, 1x short dowel, 1x Seatbelt, and 1x Red Tubing
  • After course, 3 month free membership to "Club Rehab" -  a membership based support service that enables techniques to be reviewed on video, and watch pathomechanics until they are easy for you to observe yourself.

What better way to compliment your early studies than to do a short-course intensive that gives you a new set of skills and tools that are widely used by the elite Sports Physiotherapists of the Rehab Trainer Group, in their own clinics! All are practicing Physiotherapists currently, seeking to share their secrets to the wider rehab-community!

Join us now for REHAB Practitioner! Your clients and patients will love you for it - Your own body will love you for it too!

Max numbers allowed is 20 so BE QUICK so you don't miss out!