Business is crazy busy. I have put my price up multiple times since I did Rehab Trainer. I am still getting phone calls & am over- booked (46hrs this week).

I have established several little referral channels since I was able to promote myself as an accredited

Rehab Personal Trainer

I already knew a fair bit about Rehab. But this course gave me so many more hands-on skills which referenced my theoretical knowledge. I have new direction in my PT business as a result of this course.

Rupert, Sydney

I really enjoyed the Essentials course and can't wait for the Masterclass. I am using my new skills with my clients and getting fantastic results. This stuff is so practical. It really works!

Ruth, Melbourne

Doing your course (the changes I was able to put in place having done so) was probably the biggest & most important single development that took place over the last year as far as my business is concerned.

Scott Robinson – Principal Trainer / Director 2008 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist - Fitness First NSW

Rehab Trainer and Masterclass has been a blessing for my business and my health.

I completed both intensives and allowed the learning to translate into my Personal Training sessions as well as Yoga/ChiBall classes. In time, I have expanded my business to Rehab Training and now have a niche in the market that has helped me grow my business.

Sofija, Brisbane

Thank you so much for such a great course! I really found it so helpful and find myself referring back to the manual on a regular basis.

Wayne's style of teaching is great - makes it all so much easier to understand and he makes anatomy and biomechanics interesting - wish I'd had him teaching anatomy in my initial course!!! (or even when I started nursing-I might have remembered a bit more! )

Sue Craigen, Melbourne

The team at Australian Institute of Kettlebells undertook the 3-day intensive Rehab Essentials and we certainly were not disappointed one bit.

Ulrik and his team delivered the program comprehensively and the course itself is littered with a wonderful bag full of skills that any Fitness Trainer ought to get their hands on.

If you are serious about what you do and want to provide the best service and expertise to your clients then look no further than the Rehab Trainer course!

Tarek Chouja & Dan Henderson Directors, Australian Institute of Kettlebells

Rehab Trainer was the best course I have done since my uni degree.

Specific, detailed, practical, and able to be applied immediately. And Wayne is a great communicator, always backing things up with specific examples. Thanks.

Tiffany, Melbourne

2Good Personal Training and Corrective Exercise has been working in specific exercise rehabilitation for the past 15 years.

We have always prided ourselves on delivering our trainers the most thorough in house training programs as part of their career paths. We recently attended the Rehab Trainer Essentials Module as a group, and were so impressed it is now made mandatory that any new trainers in our business do the Rehab Trainer courses as part of their ongoing professional development.

I highly recommend the Rehab Trainer Course to any trainers who want to have real impact working in the field of exercise based rehabilitation.

Tim Schleiger, Director, 2Good Personal Training and Corrective Exercise, Australia.

I've been absolutely choc-a-block with clients getting back from holidays and ramping up for the new year ahead. Great stuff the rehab trainer!

I’m using most of the principles with all of my clients and it’s working really well – They love it! And I must say.... It does make the link between the physios that I refer clients to and receive referrals from a lot closer coz we’re all now on the same page. Thanks mate... Great concept and great workshop!

Tony M, Adelaide

Information delivered in everyday language, easy to understand but such high quality.

Rehab Essentials IS ESSENTIAL to PT's wanting to maximise customer service. My clients will benefit so much from this. Truly inspirational and innovative!

Tracy, Sydney

"I came to the course because my client was trained by a Rehab Trainer before and said I needed to do it. I'm glad. This course gave me so many new ideas for training and will make me a much better PT.

Victor, Hong Kong

I think ALL Personal Trainers should undertake this course. I have learned SO MUCH! Great job. Thanks

Wade, Brisbane

Thank you to Ulrik for establishing such a great course.

The 3 days were inspiring, informative and a lot of fun. The iso-integration method of training has enabled me to improve a number of my clients through some of their niggling issues, by virtue of this simple process. This series of workshops is well worth the money. I would (and do) recommend it to every exercise professional.

Wayne Stuart, Event Manager - Western Australia Fitness Industry Conference YMCA Perth